Introducing the Holochain Open-Dev Blog

Hi everyone! We are members of the holochain development community, with a clear mission of creating a vibrant and open-source community of contributors around holochain development.

To achieve this, we think there is a need for sharing guides and articles with content like best-practices, developer resources and patterns or “how-to”s around diverse topics.

This is meant to be a collaborative effort, in which we share and converge around practices each one of us is implementing. We are not experts in hApp development (we think holochain is so new that noone is!), rather we want to start a conversation around similar issues we are all having, and share what has worked for us.

This is why this blog is stored in a github repository, ready to be forked and improved. Please feel free to contribute to this blog in the form of new articles or changes to existing ones in the github repository. If you have an idea please reach out to us: we can support in stitching things together and connect the dots to help bring your idea to an article.

Because all of this, the articles in this blog will always be in draft/beta like state: we will iterate them to improve and aggregate the most knowledge we can from around the community.

Our main communication channel is the Holochain Forum. There, conversations are already starting around these issues. When the conversations settle around best-practices or solid conclusions, that knowledge can be crystalized in a post in this blog.

See you around, and happy coding!

Written on April 26, 2020