Recent Changes for hApp Devs

Here are some recent changes that will improve hApp development. Even though they may create some friction at first if you have to change already existing code, they are all steps in the right direction in the long run.

How To Ship Your hApp

It has been a long journey that I’ve been on with Holochain (since 2017, among the first developers to build apps with the Go prototype of Holochain), and one of the questions I’ve considered at length is, how can we get people using Holochain in a way where they are their own host, running their own node without even knowing or caring that they’re doing it? It was actually later doing internal work for Holo that I first prototyped a solution to this, of providing a native desktop application, that used Holochain under the hood, but installed and ran without EVER touching a command line interface. Since then in my work in the hApps world, external to Holo, I’ve come a long way with that pattern, and one other pattern for shipping Holochain apps (“hApps”) that’s similarly simple. I want to share those patterns with you.

How to Use hdk::api::call for Inter-Zome Call

Welcome to the blog post on How to Use hdk::api::call for Inter Zome Call! In this blog post, I will be explaining how we can use the hdk::api::call to call zome functions from another zome! (Note: We will be focusing on inter-zome calls in this blog post but you can certainly use hdk::api::call for bridging between 2 DNAs as well!) I was inspired to write this blog post as I had a really difficult time learning how to use this api approrpiately as there was not enough example of using this api from projects within the community. Hopefully, this blog will help everyone have a smooth sailing using this amazing piece of api from holochain HDK!

Introducing the Holochain Open-Dev Blog

Hi everyone! We are members of the holochain development community, with a clear mission of creating a vibrant and open-source community of contributors around holochain development.